Acanthus Leaf Inspires Modern Style Décor

Today, I am going to introduce you to a very interesting wallpaper design— the Acanthus leaf.

image of acanthus leaf wallpaper as modern style decor

The History of the Acanthus Leaf Design

Did you know that the Acanthus leaf design was a  very popular wallpaper design during historic times? The shape of the leaves in this design were  inspired by the architectural pillars and designs of the classic buildings in Europe. In fact, the Acanthus leaf is one of the most popular elements seen in the classic Willow Boughs design, a wallpaper design proliferated by William Morris during the Victorian era.

acanthus leaf pattern by william morris
Acanthus – Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust on Unsplash.

Inspired a Modern Style Décor

Today, it is still a design loved by many— but if you want something simpler, my tip is to look at your clothing and what you wear because that says a lot about what kind of colors and patterns  you like to live with .

If you like classic, then leaves would be perfect for your style but in this wallpaper pattern, Whisper, these leaves are designed in a transitional style which blends modern with traditional together. This creates a transitional decor style.  Leaves are easy to live with as they tend to flow naturally  in nature, which has been captured in this viney leaf wallpaper.  Shown in an off white with a pearl shine to the leaves, this patterns exudes elegance yet is simple and clean in design.

whisper pattern wallpaper in gray and white
Whisper from my Woodlands Resource Collection in Glitter Gray and White

The beauty of a transitional leaf design  is that it blends well with traditional as well as modern furniture. You can never go wrong when one has been inspired by nature and architecture. Thanks to the great pattern designer William Morris who really made leaves  popular in wallpaper and they still continue  today to be stylish for all types of interiors.

Watch the latest video about this beautiful modern wallpaper design:

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Please comment below or contact us for more information on the Whisper wallpaper pattern from the Woodlands Resource Collection. It is available in 3 colorways, Glitter Gray and White, Charcoal and Champagne Metallic, and Taupe.


This classic style wallpaper, Whisper, inspired by the Acanthus Leaf of older days gone by. Decorate your home with modern style and design, visit the blog to learn more.

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