Design Ideas for Decorating with Banana Leaf Wallpaper

Which pillows from our new Pillow Collection should you use with our Banana Leaf Wallpaper?

Today we are talking all about the “Mixology of Prints”.

Ever struggle with what colors to mix with large-print wallpaper designs? Don’t.

Here, I’m showing you what’s the perfect match for this large-scale banana leaf “Paradisio “ wallpaper pattern.

I put a black pillow to match it. Why? Because the banana leaf design has got a black background and I wanted to carry the black into the room’s décor. Easy, right? This time around though, it’s got a more modern vibe.

Classic large leaf banana print wallpaper blended with a simple black and white line designed pillow. Bold but balanced. To add more drama and play off the black white decorating scheme, add a contrasting smaller lumbar pillow. Opposites attract, right?

Well, it also works in decorating when you have the right patterns in a space. One pattern should be the master print. In this design scheme, the master print is the large banana leaf wallpaper. Then we go down in scale from there using the pillows so the room is visually balanced. Using opposing black and white pillows helps create a contemporary ambiance to a classic décor. This is a great way to layer your look in your interior thru using different scales of pattern and color.

Another design option for Banana Leaf is our Indigo colorway, with our Navy white lined pillow. Contact me for details on where to purchase our new designer pillows. Wallpaper is from the Charleston Home Collection

There you go! You now have the perfect look to create a bold stylish interior.

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