Design Tip: What to Mix with Green Chinoiserie Murals

Design Tip: What to Mix with Chinoiserie Murals

Need help finding fabrics to go with your Chinoiserie Mural? Look no further. Here are some fabric ideas to mix together to co-ordinate with the Green Blossom Mural.

Take a look at what motifs are in the mural. In this mural, there are a some lemons, so you could use the lemon theme from the mural and add in some fun novel lampshades, pillows, poof or ottoman with a lemon fabric print to create the feeling of a happy space. Inspired by the love of lemons and a lemon tree in the garden.






Lemon Fabric Novelty Print

You can also focus on the background color to bring that color out into the interior space through using a co-ordinate small print. Like using the watercolor Catwalk spot design. Leaning towards a green and off-white color story using small prints to make a more casual yet stylish look.

The peonies and roses are perfect to bring pink into the room. So to create a pink and green more feminine color story, you could   add in more flower fabrics with peony or rose florals. To create a modern mix  try adding in an abstract Kaliedoscope fabric which translates into a transitional vibe for the rooms decor. This makes the room have a modern traditional feel yet is textural and soft.

Pink Kate Kaleidoscope Print

Try using a gem Kaleidoscope spot pattern like our Jasmine pattern in green. It’s more structured than the watercolor print. This pattern creates a bolder look yet is a small print so adds that pop of green into the decor. Use it for pillows, draperies or upholster a chair or bench making a bold contrast to the green wallpaper.

Coming soon is our new green Blossom Chinoiserie Fabric in a cotton sateen.

              Blossom Green Fabric

You can really become a style maven when you mix this coordinating fabric with the spot prints and the lemon design. Really creates a fun, happy yet stylish home. Upholster a chair even a head board with this Blossom fabric to bring the mural out into the room and envelope the room. Create that lux layered look by laying up pattern on pattern. Just mix and match these prints to become a style maven and create that designer look!
Happy Decorating!

Blossom Mural DB11604M



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