Eclectic Chinoiserie Style

Why is Eclectic Chinoiserie décor so popular? That’s simple… it never goes out of style.

It is always a classic pattern that can be interpreted into many home décor styles.

One classic Chinoiserie pattern is a scenic toile. Here we see it in the wallpaper, consisting of a Chinoiserie scene with pagodas, lotus flowers and trees.

toile wallpaper in green in a bedroom with new pillows from daisy bennett designs in Zanzibar, heron chinoiserie and watercolor

These scenic toiles often come in various colors or can be a classic one color pattern like this sage green and white Chinoiserie toile wallpaper. The beauty is that it mixes so easily with other prints and becomes a beautiful backdrop to other designs.

This room evokes interest visually by drawing your eye into the room using accent pillows.

Master pattern is the accent Heron pillow evened out with a chartreuse zebra print and abstract watercolor pillow, making colors flow effortlessly across the bed and room.

If you like pattern on pattern, this is a great example of how to create the look. Use a classic wallpaper for a backdrop and then add a texture, novelty themed pillow with a classic animal print.

The look is stylish, layered yet balanced visually on this vintage French bed. The gold highlights on the furniture bring in warmth while the white & black lamp and white dresser with gold accents updates the room creating a colorful layered eclectic Chinoiserie décor.

Wallpaper is from the Chelsea Lane Collection and the pillows you can contact me, or leave a comment below if you want to order any as they will be coming to my website soon.


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