Grasscloth Wallcovering Designs – Introducing Our New Collection

Today’s video is all about the beauty of grasscloth wallcovering.

I’m so excited! Launching this week is my Naturals Wallcovering Collection! If you love grasscloth, cork and sisal, this collection is for you! Looks great on walls but also on ceilings…especially if you have a coffered ceiling, really adds texture and dimension to a space. Look for it through Wallquest under their designer series!

One of my favorite colors is navy in grasscloth. Classic, rich and the beauty of a dark grasscloth wallcovering is you don’t see the seams. Because of the handmade nature of grasscloth, so they do not line up. Using the darker colors will help hide the seams.

Dark grasscloths and wallpapers look very luxurious in foyers and hallways which can optically make the space look bigger. So in smaller rooms, dark colored wallpapers really enhance the space.

In the front living room, we have this light silver metallic grasscloth. It really helps to reflect light into the room keeping the interior light and airy.

Hanging art is easy on a grasscloth as it’s such a great texture for any room of your home.

One trend that is very popular now is to hang a grasscloth on a ceiling. Trending now and is almost becoming a standard in interior design is to hang the grasscloth on a coffered ceiling. Totally adds a textural dimension to the space and visually luxurious. Adds another layer to your decorating making your ceilings stand out.

So, where in your home would you use a grasscloth wallcovering? I would love to know! Share them in the comments!



new natural grasscloth wallcoverings collection
Available at Wallquest in their Designer Collection

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