Greek Key Decor


Greek Key Decor

The “Greek Key” or “Fret” pattern is one of the most important design symbols to represent Greece.  This ancient classic print originally came from Greece and has transformed  many interiors throughout history.  The geometric “Greek Key”  or “Fret” design symbolizes eternity and is one of the most popular shapes used in interior design. The beauty of this modern shape is that it looks great with all types of decorating styles ranging from urban farmhouse to sophisticated modern interiors. This Fretwork in navy and white is one of the hottest color combinations today as blue has resurfaced in popularity for fashion and home decor.  If you want a bold, modern geometric statement then use the black and white Fretwork wallpaper. Makes blah interiors into stunning spaces when used with white tile.  Why not use this  print to update a bathroom, ceiling, foyer, feature wall or walk in closet? The beauty of this pattern is that it’s clean and simple. Enjoy modernism with a classic twist!

Fretwork Wallpaper

Fretwork in Celery Green

photo © 2018 Jaima Emmert  Wallpaper Fretwork from Woodlands Resource Collection from daisy bennett designs.




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