Greek Key Pattern- Design Tips

Design Tip Tuesday and is all about the classic Greek Key design.

 Many of the patterns we use today have ancient origins! This pattern is a classic decorative element that dates back to ancient Greece. It is basically a square linking design that came from columns from Greek Architecture.

Greek key pattern design tips

We love the Greek key pattern to decorate with as it’s simple, bold and creates a modern geometric ambiance  to a room. You can mix various colors with these simple prints or focus your décor on the one color of the Greek key pattern. 


This indigo blue and white looks great in a powder room,  bathroom as well as a kitchen or den.

The nice thing about the Greek key design is that it never goes out of style because it is so classic and simple. Add a stripe, floral or a novelty print in a fabric to coordinate with the Greek key wallpaper and it becomes the perfect accent to your interior.


The black and white version and the navy colorway look great with subway tile. Sometimes we call this pattern a Fret design because of its simple repeat. Always stunning and an easy pattern to blend with modern, traditional or mid century style furniture.

This wallpaper is from Woodlands Resource Collection and the pattern is called Fretwork. If you want to learn more, comment below or email at

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