How to Style Navy Pillows

Design Tips: Styling Navy Pillows

Blue colors express a variety of things. It could represent loyalty, confidence, and peace. It’s a lovely color that adds life to a space without overpowering the other tones. These particular features are what we’ve used in our Classic Chinoiserie Style Pillow, “Kyoto”. This pillow was inspired by Japan with different hues of blues in it and with its Chinoiserie Pagoda. It goes well together with our multi blue Marview Chenille Stripe pillow, the perfect accent to be coordinated with the Kyoto pillows. Kyoto, in classic blue and white Chinoiserie pattern is an elegant print to add life to your couch or bed.

To add more drama and a classic chic ambiance to your interior, we have the Banana Leaf Design which is definitely coastal if you love blues and whites. Also comes in greens but today is all about living with blue and white. It’s stunning in its classic blue and white color combination. You can have it on a white couch, or a navy blue couch. And if you want to spice things up and revamp your space into more of a tropical design, you can pair up the Banana Leaf with a lively Oceania Fish Pillow. It’s made of a sustainable outdoor fabric. And it’s perfect for your Lanai area or outdoor living spaces!

A tint of blue in your interior spaces cools the eyes with a fresh and tranquil ambiance. So, get fresh and revived with blue and white pillows, they will always make you smile and create a happy home.

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