How to Style Your Home – Charleston Garden Mural and our new Designer Pillows

Today is all about what to put with a mural.

We have this Charleston Garden mural right here and we love it. It’s a classic! It’s elegant and it looks fantastic with modern furniture or even traditional.

So, if you want to put a little pillow or accent pillow on a chair in a foyer, you can match this mural with something like our Zambia-taupe pillow. It works if you want to add a neutral pattern but with more modern geometric look. Creates a more neutral approach to the mix.

Of course, I like to use something with more color like our Pink Kate pillow. It’s transitional and is elegant and creates more of an eclectic transitional look to the feel of the room. Brightens up the space and updates a classic by making the room more eclectic while brings out the pinks and the rose colors in the mural.

Now, if you don’t want the pink pillow- you could use just the Zambia-in-Aquas. It brings out the lovely blues in the mural and is more striking visually.

The tip when you’re picking pillows is just picking a color from the mural that you love, it’ll bring it all together. I even like the Julia here because it’s got the blues, greens and the pinks in bold colors. This would look great on a bench or loveseat in front of this mural.

Looking to purchase our new designer pillows. We now have them available on Etsy, and coming soon to our new website.

Drop a comment below and we can help you with your pillow needs!


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