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Hi, I’m Jaima Brown Emmert, your pattern stylist and today I am going to talk to you about why I love birds. I use to have a bird called Lily and she was an African Gray and she use to talk, it was quite fun. I do love birds in Florida and this is what inspired me to design this one was the Herons and Egrets that are in and around the lake here. So, What you can do with these pillows is easily have a nice accent on your couch and you can mix it with our nice Zambia coordinate as a lumbar.

So if your interested in buying a pillow please comment below! We would be more than happy to ship, sell you one of our beautiful pillows.

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You will see our pillows coming out in the next month when we launch our new website. It’s going to have fabric by the yard, pillows and of course murals.



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