Palm Leaf Sail Cloth Tote Bag

Palm Leaf Sail Cloth Tote Bag | Recycled Sail Cloth Tote | Designer Palm Leaf Bag

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Dacron, sailcloth, recycled sailcloth, hemp rope handle

This designer Palm Leaf sail cloth tote bag was inspired by the Paradisio Palm wallpaper designed by Jaima Emmett for her Anthology Resource Collection. Inspired to create this tote while living in Naples Florida where nature is lush with beautiful palm trees and botanicals which surround her with inspiration for various designs, the palm leaf being one of her favorite. Designed from our hand painted artwork and being surrounded with so much color and beauty in nature, it was just natural to create a Palm Leaf tote bag.

Machine wash, line dry.

Handmade | Made in the U.S.A.

© 2021 Jaima Emmert

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