Cloud 9 Mural

Cloud 9 is a textural mural that was created by a painter’s palette knife from an actual painting. Textural visually but smooth to the touch. This sky inspired design is perfect for any room as it brings out a lightness of natures sky into any space. Making the interior relaxed yet subtle with color. Comes in Blue and Grey.

JB22108M Gray
JB22102M Blues

This Cloud 9 Mural repeats so hang more than one mural to achieve a continuous affect in a rooms decor. Mural dimensions are 162 Inches (4.11m) wide x 120” (3m) vertical.

These murals come in 6 panels 27 inches wide. Murals are digitally printed on 27” ( 68.58cm) trimmed non-woven substrate panels.

Ecochic Environmentally Friendly Wallpaper
© 2017 Jaima Emmert
Made in USA