Crane Mural

Soft, subtle yet bold in nature, this serene crane mural tells a story all on its own. The feeling created is majestic elegance. Lily pads, lotuses and reeds float to create an open relaxed style. Making a bold designer statement with this mural is easy. Looks stunning in a foyer, dining room, guest bedroom or powder room. This design is perfect for commercial applications. You can request to have it custom printed on vinyl for hotel design projects.

Crane Mural DB30600M
Size: 102 inches wide x 10.5 feet height. Sold in 3-panels 34 inches wide.
Substrate is non – woven paper.
Color Grey.
Also comes in Slate Blue, Moss Green and on a silver Grasscloth. To be featured later.
Made in America. Eco-Chic Environmentally Friendly Wallpaper
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Sold through Wallquest inc.