Emerald Green Heron Mural

This Chinoiserie inspired style mural was created with the natural beauty of the lake behind my home. Frequently tall white Herons and Grey Herons are gracefully walking along the lake edge. It is very calming to watch these elegant birds standing and basking in the sun. Included at the bottom of the mural are a few friendly turtles. Here in Naples we like to protect the turtle species. These turtles like to soak up the sun on the grass, just on the edge of the lake under my avocado tree. The fresh white flowers on the soft aqua blue background create a trailing picture story that is classic and timeless. Perfect mural for an accent wall, dining room or foyer.

Mural is 108 inches wide x 120 inches tall . Substrate Non-woven sold in sets of 4 -27inch panels. Made in America. Eco-Friendly Wallpaper. Color Soft Slate Blue
Distributed by Wallquest

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