Lemon Tote Bag


The lemon sailcloth tote bag is inspired by Jaima Emmert’s Blossom Chinoiserie Mural from her Daisy Bennett wallpaper brand and her lemon tree outside her studio window. Each bag has a pocket for keys or other small items and is beautifully finished with hand spliced hemp rope handles. You will find this tote perfect for travelling, a picnic, the beach, overnight bag, shopping or whatever your needs may be.

In stock

The tote is recycled and hand crafted from boat sails that have sailed the oceans wide. Please note, each tote will show signs of sailing, which is the eco-friendly appeal. By your purchase of this bag you are contributing to recycling and reducing the landfills, as well as, acquiring a high quality, uniquely stylish, purposeful, and fashionable tote bag.

Machine wash, line dry.

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