Orange & Lemon Tree Mural

Inspired by the Meyer’s lemon tree in my back garden, an idea was born. The lemon tree was known historically as the “Citrus Limon” and has been popular since the 15th century. Spiritually, lemons are a symbol of happiness and optimism. They apparently clear negative energy away and bring happiness. They are also a natural cleanser as lemon water is one of the best things to drink every morning for purification and detoxification of the body. Lemons also have the ability to increase love and have the power to heal. The color yellow is a symbol of optimism and happiness. To create more interest in the design, we have added in the orange tree as well. Influenced from Italy, who doesn’t want some nature infused into your home with branching lemon and orange trees. Featured on blush which is a soft neutral and perfect for any dining room, foyer or accent wall in an interior space.

Orange Lemon Tree Mural DB30300M
Size is 108 inches wide x 9 ft.
Comes in 4 panels, 27 inches wide.
Substrate is non-woven. Made in America
Eco- Friendly Wallpaper
© 2021 Daisy Bennett LLC
Sold through Wallquest Inc.

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