Transitional Wallpaper Designs

I want to share a great way to decorate your home with wallpaper. It’s a really nice transitional type of pattern. The crackle pattern, Tribeca, from my Anthology Resources Collection.

What I love about these types of patterns is that it is transitional, which means it blends traditional style with modern design. So, it’s not really contemporary, but you are also not really traditional.

We love these types of patterns because they look great with traditional style furniture. Or, if you lean more towards a modern design, this pattern would look really great as well.

Tribeca from the Anthology Resource Collection

image of jaima with tribeca wallpaper behind in teal

The crackle pattern comes in this aqua blue, which we love because it brings in the blues from the sky outside. Nature is a great inspiration for design!

Transitional wallpaper looks great as a feature wall in a foyer or in a dining room. We have even seen it used on a ceiling! Don’t forget the 5th wall in your home.

Choose your favorite color

Besides the teal, Tribeca also comes in sliver, navy, gold metallic, and a citrus green.

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