Bathroom Décor Ideas with Leopard Print Wallpaper

leopard print wallpaper - design tips for powder room decorating

It’s all about powder rooms these days!

If you’re looking for something to spice up your bathroom, you’re on the right track! Today we are talking leopard prints! What’s the surprise? They don’t have to be true to nature, brown and biege.

You can use different colors like this pop of blue and white watercolor leopard print wallpaper. Totally modern and fresh. It adds character to the room without being too loud and distracting.

If you’re not a fan of blue, we’ve got more color options for you with the leopard print wallpaper. Luckily, this also comes in green and white, green and blue, greys and a classic tan animal skin tone print. This print is our Catwalk pattern.

To make the colors on the wall pop, I like adding accessories that compliment it. You can add fuchsia or try adding a complimentary color like orange for towels to create a pop of color yet is balanced with the blue to make the room stand out.

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